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What's New in BoldChat

Version 14.0

(released April 6, 2018)

This release includes various changes to comply with the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requirements.

Version 12.2

(released February 23, 2018)

Operator Client version 12.2

  • Various bug fixes

Web Workspace – Improvements and fixes

  • Operators can start PIN-based co-browse sessions with visitors.
  • Operators can start view-only ActiveAssist browser share sessions with visitors, where operators cannot interact directly with the visitor's screen, but they can see what the visitor is doing. For more information, see Setting up ActiveAssist Browser Share.
  • Operators can start the next queued chat by clicking Take next queued chat in the Web Workspace. This allows operators to start additional conversations even when their concurrent limit is reached.
  • Various minor fixes.


  • BoldChat iOS SDK now supports Bitcode.
  • Further updates to ensure that layered chat windows display properly on iPhone X.
    • The positioning of layered chat window elements, such as buttons and fields, has been improved for iPhone X users visiting your website via Safari
    • The overall chat experience on iPhone X devices improved


  • The description of the following reports have been updated at the BoldChat Reports site:
    • Email Thread Answer Performance Summary
    • Email Assignment Answer Performance Summary
    • Email Thread Close Time Performance Summary
    • Email Assignment Close Time Performance Summary
  • Various minor fixes.

Version 12.1

(released December 1, 2017)

Operator Client version 12.1

  • Fixed an issue that caused incorrect data to be reported on the Dashboard for chats moved between folders
  • Various bug fixes

Web Workspace – Improvements and fixes

  • For active chat items, a timer now indicates how long a visitor has been waiting for a response
  • For chat items ended by the visitor, agents now see a timer and icon indicating that the item has been ended and is waiting for wrap-up
  • Agent name is now displayed in chat history
  • Improved color contrast on the web workspace interface

iPhone SDK

  • Updates to ensure that layered chat windows display properly on iPhone X
    • Layered chat window optimizations will automatically render for iPhone X users visiting your website via Safari – no website code change required
    • If you are using the iOS or HTML SDK chat windows, you will need to download and deploy the latest versions of the SDKs into the code for your updated apps/interfaces


  • New report: Login > Peak Concurrent Login Summary – This report returns the peak number of active agents per day and is available only for BoldChat Enterprise
  • Other minor reporting fixes

Version 12.0

(released September 29, 2017)

Web Workspace

Operators can now handle SMS in the Web Workspace.

Operator Client version 12.0

  • Various stability, performance, and security improvements
  • Various bug fixes

API Enhancements

  • Simple authentication can be enabled for API triggers
  • Custom ports can be used in addition to defaults (80, 443) for API trigger endpoints

Version 11.2

(released August 18, 2017)

This release fixes an issue that caused the ART column (Average Response Time) on the Operator Productivity report to return invalid data.

Version 11.1

(released July 14, 2017)

Operator Client version 11.1

  • Various stability and performance improvements
  • Various bug fixes
  • Various minor feature enhancements:
    • Under Setup > Login Control Settings the automatic logout threshold can be set to any value between 1-999 (Logout operator after being inactive for ... minutes)
    • The Average Simultaneous (Avg Simult) column in the Chat Operator Productivity Summary and the Acceptance Rate column in the Invite Summary now show two decimal places rather than one
    • When editing Integration API Triggers, administrators can now choose Operator auto-show with Gecko browser engine to display third-party integrations using the Gecko engine rather than Internet Explorer

Web Workspace

  • Various improvements and fixes

Version 11.0

(released June 2, 2017)

Operator Client version 11.0

  • Additional SMS reports (for details, see Reports)
  • New Auto Answer Status options to help control how Auto Answers are shown before chat when operators are available (for details, see Auto Answers: Visitor self-service)
  • Enhanced SMS Auto Responder: You can set BoldChat to automatically send responses to specific keywords sent by visitors, such as STOP, HELP, etc. (for details, see How to configure BoldChat to manage SMS (text messages))
  • The menu item Setup > Account Setup > SMS has been renamed from SMS to Messaging
  • The Data Extraction API has been extended for messaging items:
    • New Single Item Data Retrieval Methods: getTextChats, getAllTextChatAssignments, getAllTextChatMessages
    • New List Data Retrieval Methods: getTextChatAssignments, getTextChatMessages
    • For details, see the the Data Extraction API article
  • New options for configuring BoldChat events that trigger API calls (for emails, tickets, SMS, Twitter and more – for details, see API Configuration)

Version 10.5

(released May 5, 2017)

This maintenance release includes various minor improvements and fixes.

Version 10.4

(released March 31, 2017)

Operator Client version 10.4

  • Various stability and performance improvements
  • Various bug fixes

Web Workspace

  • Web Workspace is now hosted at
  • Visual pop-up notifications for incoming chats and emails (to go along with audio notifications)
  • New logo

Version 10.3 & Web Workspace

(released February 3, 2017)

Operator Client version 10.3

  • Larger attachment limit for email. Operators can now attach files totaling up to 25 MB per email.
  • Various stability and performance improvements.
  • Various interface improvements.
  • Various bug fixes.

Web Workspace

  • New layout. We have moved the features and settings formerly available in the header to the left side of the Web Workspace. This is where operators can log out, set their status to available/away, change their language, mute sounds, and more.
  • Password management improvements. Operators can change or reset their password directly from the Web Workspace.
  • Single Sign-On for Web Workspace. Administrators in an Enterprise account can now set up SSO for the Web Workspace. For details, see How to set up SAML 2.0 Single Sign-On via an Identity Provider.


  • New Department filters. All Email reports and most Chat reports now offer up to four Department filters:
    • Department (Operator membership) – Show chats/emails assigned to an operator who belongs to this department
    • Department (First assignment) – Show chats/emails that were assigned to this department before any other
    • Department (Last assignment) – Show chats/emails that have this department as their most recent assignment
    • Department (Any assignment) – Show chats/emails that were assigned to this department at any time
    Note: The Department (Any assignment) filter does not recognize chats that are assigned to a department but not to a specific operator. This may happen under certain circumstances:
    • When ACD is off and a chat is assigned to a department but not to an operator.
    • When ACD is on and a chat is assigned to an offline department but not to an operator. (Assignment to an offline department can happen manually, due to a rule, or when assignment is made to a department with a queue.)
  • Grouping by multiple criteria. The following Chat and Email reports on can be grouped by multiple criteria. This helps generate the information you need without running multiple reports. For example, data can be grouped first by Date, then by Chat Type, then by Button.
    • Chat:
      • Chat Summary
      • ACD Summary
      • Missed Opportunities Summary
      • Salesforce Summary
      • ActiveAssist Chat Summary
      • Service-Level Analysis - Answered
      • Service-Level Analysis - Unanswered
      • Service-Level Analysis - Chat Duration
      • Service-Level Analysis - Average Time in Queue
      • Operator Reports - Activity
      • Auto Answers Chat Summary
    • Email:
      • Assignment Status Summary
      • Thread Status Summary
      • Assignment Activity Summary
      • Thread Activity Summary
      • Email Thread Answer Performance Summary
      • Email Thread Close Time Performance Summary
      • Email Assignment Answer Performance Summary
      • Email Assignment Close Time Performance Summary
      • Email Time To Respond Performance Summary
      • Productivity - Accepted
      • Productivity - Answered
      • Productivity - Assigned
      • Productivity - Closed (Answered)
      • Productivity - Closed (Unanswered)
      • Productivity - Received
      • Productivity - Sent
      • Productivity - Time To Respond
    • Login:
      • Chat Login Summary
      • Email Login Summary
      • Ticket Login Summary
      • SMS Login Summary
      • Twitter Login Summary
  • Various bug fixes.


  • The Provisioning API can be used to change an operator's department membership. For details, see editOperator under the "Operator Provisioning Methods" section here: BoldChat Provisioning API.
  • getEmailThreads and getClosedEmailThreads can be used to download email threads ordered by last modified date. For parameters, see the appropriate sections here: BoldChat Data Extraction API.
  • getOperators and getDepartments now also provide a real-time view of the total available capacity per channel via the Capacity, OperatorCapacity and QueueCapacity set of fields.

This release also introduces enhanced cross-site scripting scrubbing for chat messages.