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Web Workspace - Administrator Guide

As a manager or administrator, you should be aware of the following information when working with the Web Workspace.


The Web Workspace is intended for use when Automatic Chat Distribution and/or Automatic Email Distribution has been enabled.

Unassigned items are not shown on the Web Workspace. Operators cannot "pull" incoming chats or emails; they can only work on items that have been automatically assigned to them.

Customize the Visitor Information Section

As an administrator, you can customize the information shown to operators in the visitor information section of the Web Workspace.

Using the desktop version of the Operator Client, go to Setup > Web Workspace.

Single Sign-on

To access Web Workspace by SSO, follow instructions here: How to set up SAML 2.0 Single Sign-On via an Identity Provider.

Other Notes for Managers & Administrators

Setup and customization of BoldChat
The Web Workspace itself does not provide administrative or setup features. BoldChat setup should be performed using the desktop Operator Client.
How Visitor History is generated
On the Visitor History panel, operators are shown all previous chats and emails from a given visitor. The question arises: How does BoldChat determine a visitor's identity? How do we know a visitor is the same visitor? In simplest terms, chat visitors are identified by a visitor ID, while email visitors are identified by an email address. Chat visitors retain the same visitor ID as long as they use the same computer and browser and do not clear their cookies. It's relatively easy to identify visitors who use only chat or only email, but what happens when a visitor uses both chat and email? If the visitor provides an email address on a pre-chat form, we are able to connect their visitor ID (which we know from their chats) with their email (which they entered on a pre-chat form): We can say "This email address is associated with this visitor ID, so all previous chats with this visitor ID are from the person with this email address."