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iOS App - Operator Guide

The BoldChat iOS App allows operators to chat with visitors and access visitor data on the go.


  • You must have a BoldChat account to use the app.
    • Accounts with a data residency region other than the USA cannot be accessed from the iOS App.
  • The iOS app is not a standalone product. Be sure to set up your BoldChat account and deploy BoldChat’s HTML code to your site before using the iPhone app.
  • Be sure to use a connection with sufficient bandwidth (such as WiFi or 3G). Mobile devices often experience interruptions in connectivity. When this happens, the BoldChat app issues a notification and prompts you to reestablish connectivity.
  • Required permission: Account Setup > General > Operators > [operator name] > Other Settings > Allow Login from Mobile Device. See Setting permissions (Permission Groups).

Logging in

When logging in, you can choose how the app remembers your authentication credentials.

  • For Today. Recommended. The app remembers your username and password for 24 hours.
  • Until Logout. With this option, be sure to use an iOS passcode to protect your device. Otherwise you risk exposing your BoldChat account to others if you happen to lose your device.

Using the Home screen

When you first log in, the Home screen is displayed, providing easy access to BoldChat app features.

In addition to accessing chat and visitor information, you can manage your settings, view help documentation and set your current chat availability from the Home screen.