BoldChat Help Center

Chatting with Visitors

Chat with visitors and check unanswered chats.

Tap Chats on the Home screen to display a detailed list of chats.

Chats assigned to you are listed at the top, followed by chats assigned to others. You can reply to any chat, even those not assigned to you. Be careful when engaging!

Note: Your chat folder structure is retained in the app.

Setting your availability

The status icon at the bottom of the Home screen shows you as either Available or Away.
  • When you are available, chats can be assigned to you.
  • Setting your status to away allows you to view everything, but no chats will be assigned to you.
Remember: Always log out our set your status to Away when you are not able to answer! Otherwise chats can still be assigned to you, which can adversely affect your visitors' experience.

Replying to unanswered chats

A red badge on top of the Chats navigation icon represents the number of unanswered chats, not the total number of chats.

To chat with a visitor, do the following:
  1. Tap a chat to go to the response area.
  2. Tap Tap here to reply to enter text.
  3. Tap Send to send your message.

To end the conversation, tap End Chat.

Note: Tap Change to [language] to change the conversation language during chats. This feature requires auto-translation to be active and enabled. See How to use auto-translation during chats.
Tip: When you are engaged in multiple chats, select Actions > My Chats to see a flick-through view of all the chats assigned to you.

Using canned messages

When chatting with a visitor, tap Actions > Canned Messages to access available canned messages. Suggested messages are based on the text sent by your visitor.

Accessing visitor history and information

When chatting with a visitor, tap Actions > Visitor Info to access visitor details and engagement history. See also Viewing Visitor Details.