BoldChat Help Center

Release Notes

Version 15.1

(released June 2019)

Web Workspace - Improvements and fixes

Start discussions from emails
Operators can now collaborate with another operator in the organization to resolve a specific customer issue while responding to a customer email. Email discussions work similar to discussions started from chat.
  • The selected date filter is now preserved on the Closed tab of Monitor View
  • The date selector in Monitor View considers the end-of-day for the end of the selected date range
  • Experiments are now processed in the order of newest to oldest
  • Fixed an issue where an incorrect system message was displayed when a chat was transferred to an operator who joined the chat
  • Fixed an issue where NPS was rounded incorrectly in the Survey NPS report
  • Fixed an issue where the IP address-based country location was incorrectly resolved
  • Fixed issues where clicking the browser’s Back button resulted in a blank layered chat window
  • Various security fixes

Version 15.0

(released May 2019)

Web Workspace - Improvements and fixes

  • Added improved notifications for new work items in the Web Workspace
  • A notification is displayed in the Web Workspace when the maximum user limit in the account has been reached
  • Enabled audio notifications for Layered Chat Window definitions when the window is on the active browser tab. Previously, audio notifications were only available when the chat window was not on the active browser tab.
  • Various other minor fixes and improvements

Operator Client version 15.0

  • By default, your search displays results for up to one year. You must select a start date to search within a longer period of time.
  • In some cases, the toolbar did not become active after a chat was assigned to the Operator
  • In some cases, email signatures were not displayed

Version 14.4

(released March 22, 2019)

Web Workspace - Improvements and fixes

  • Start a discussion with another operator
  • Join a chat to collaborate with another operator
  • Customizable operator panels
  • Operator workload is now displayed in the Operator selector panels
  • Web Workspace browser notifications have been improved to work in all views
  • Fixed an issue in the Web Workspace where opening an email in a new tab did not work
  • Fixed an issue in the Web Workspace where in some cases, operators were unable to assign emails

Version 14.3

(released January 19, 2019)

Web Workspace - Improvements and fixes

  • Stabilization improvements have been implemented for Active Assist to make it more robust.
  • Fixed an issue where the SMS operator's name was incorrectly displayed as [Operator]
  • Fixed an issue with the Web Workspace countdown timer displaying inaccurate data in the India time zone
  • Fixed an issue where the "Operator has ended the chat" message was not displayed for customers
  • In some cases, it was not possible to dismiss the pop-up notification when the operator did not accept a chat
  • Fixed an issue where admins could not copy an API trigger
  • Fixed an issue where admins could not copy a Permission group
  • Fixed an issue that added empty lines to the Chat Window setup page in the Admin Center
  • Security improvements

Version 14.1.2

(released September 1, 2018)


Addressed an issue in the Button Availability report where records were not showing up in certain cases.

Version 14.1

(released August 4, 2018)

Web Workspace - Improvements and fixes

  • While Operators monitor the chats of their organizations, they can now do the following:
    • Get live preview for the selected item
    • List closed chats for a selected date or date range
  • The number of simultaneously visible work items in the Web Workspace has been increased from three to six
  • Various performance improvements that make interaction between customers and operators smoother when chatting or sending emails.

Version 14.0

(released April 6, 2018)


Addressed an issue in the Button Availability report where records were not showing up in certain cases.

Version 12.2

(released February 23, 2018)

Operator Client version 12.2

  • Various bug fixes

Web Workspace - Improvements and fixes

  • Operators can start PIN-based co-browse sessions with visitors.
  • Operators can start view-only ActiveAssist browser share sessions with visitors, where operators cannot interact directly with the visitor's screen, but they can see what the visitor is doing. For more information, see Setting up ActiveAssist Browser Share.
  • Operators can start the next queued chat by clicking Take next queued chat in the Web Workspace. This allows operators to start additional conversations even when their concurrent limit is reached.
  • Various minor fixes.


  • BoldChat iOS SDK now supports Bitcode.
  • Further updates to ensure that layered chat windows display properly on iPhone X.
    • The positioning of layered chat window elements, such as buttons and fields, has been improved for iPhone X users visiting your website via Safari
    • The overall chat experience on iPhone X devices improved


  • The description of the following reports have been updated at the BoldChat Reports site:
    • Email Thread Answer Performance Summary
    • Email Assignment Answer Performance Summary
    • Email Thread Close Time Performance Summary
    • Email Assignment Close Time Performance Summary
  • Various minor fixes.

Version 12.1

(released December 1, 2017)

Operator Client version 12.1

  • Fixed an issue that caused incorrect data to be reported on the Dashboard for chats moved between folders
  • Various bug fixes

Web Workspace - Improvements and fixes

  • For active chat items, a timer now indicates how long a visitor has been waiting for a response
  • For chat items ended by the visitor, operators now see a timer and icon indicating that the item has been ended and is waiting for wrap-up
  • Operator name is now displayed in chat history
  • Improved color contrast on the web workspace interface

iPhone SDK

  • Updates to ensure that layered chat windows display properly on iPhone X
    • Layered chat window optimizations will automatically render for iPhone X users visiting your website via Safari - no website code change required
    • If you are using the iOS or HTML SDK chat windows, you will need to download and deploy the latest versions of the SDKs into the code for your updated apps/interfaces


  • New report: Login > Peak Concurrent Login Summary - This report returns the peak number of active operators per day and is available only for BoldChat Enterprise
  • Other minor reporting fixes

Version 12.0

(released September 29, 2017)

Web Workspace

Operators can now handle SMS in the Web Workspace.

Operator Client version 12.0

  • Various stability, performance, and security improvements
  • Various bug fixes

API Enhancements

  • Simple authentication can be enabled for API triggers
  • Custom ports can be used in addition to defaults (80, 443) for API trigger endpoints

Version 11.2

(released August 18, 2017)

This release fixes an issue that caused the ART column (Average Response Time) on the Operator Productivity report to return invalid data.

Version 11.1

(released July 14, 2017)

Operator Client version 11.1

  • Various stability and performance improvements
  • Various bug fixes
  • Various minor feature enhancements:
    • Under Setup > Login Control Settings the automatic logout threshold can be set to any value between 1-999 (Logout operator after being inactive for ... minutes)
    • The Average Simultaneous (Avg Simult) column in the Chat Operator Productivity Summary and the Acceptance Rate column in the Invite Summary now show two decimal places rather than one
    • When editing Integration API Triggers, administrators can now choose Operator auto-show with Gecko browser engine to display third-party integrations using the Gecko engine rather than Internet Explorer

Web Workspace

  • Various improvements and fixes

Version 11.0

(released June 2, 2017)

Operator Client version 11.0

  • Additional SMS reports (for details, see SMS Reports)
  • New Auto Answer Status options to help control how Auto Answers are shown before chat when operators are available (for details, see Auto Answers: Visitor self-service)
  • Enhanced SMS Auto Responder: You can set BoldChat to automatically send responses to specific keywords sent by visitors, such as STOP, HELP, etc. (for details, see How to configure BoldChat to manage SMS (text messages))
  • The menu item Setup > Account Setup > SMS has been renamed from SMS to Messaging
  • The Data Extraction API has been extended for messaging items:
    • New Single Item Data Retrieval Methods: getTextChats, getAllTextChatAssignments, getAllTextChatMessages
    • New List Data Retrieval Methods: getTextChatAssignments, getTextChatMessages
    • For details, see the Bold360 and BoldChat Developer Center.
  • New options for configuring BoldChat events that trigger API calls (for emails, tickets, SMS, Twitter and more - for details, see the Bold360 and BoldChat Developer Center)

Version 10.5

(released May 5, 2017)

This maintenance release includes various minor improvements and fixes.

Version 10.4

(released March 31, 2017)

Operator Client version 10.4

  • Various stability and performance improvements
  • Various bug fixes

Web Workspace

  • Web Workspace is now hosted at
  • Visual pop-up notifications for incoming chats and emails (to go along with audio notifications)
  • New logo

Version 10.3 & Web Workspace

(released February 3, 2017)

Operator Client version 10.3

  • Larger attachment limit for email. Operators can now attach files totaling up to 25 MB per email.
  • Various stability and performance improvements.
  • Various interface improvements.
  • Various bug fixes.

Web Workspace

  • New layout. We have moved the features and settings formerly available in the header to the left side of the Web Workspace. This is where operators can log out, set their status to available/away, change their language, mute sounds, and more.
  • Password management improvements. Operators can change or reset their password directly from the Web Workspace.
  • Single Sign-On for Web Workspace. Administrators in an Enterprise account can now set up SSO for the Web Workspace. For details, see How to set up SAML 2.0 Single Sign-On via an Identity Provider.


  • New Department filters. All Email reports and most Chat reports now offer up to four Department filters:
    • Department (Operator membership) - Show chats/emails assigned to an operator who belongs to this department
    • Department (First assignment) - Show chats/emails that were assigned to this department before any other
    • Department (Last assignment) - Show chats/emails that have this department as their most recent assignment
    • Department (Any assignment) - Show chats/emails that were assigned to this department at any time
    Note: The Department (Any assignment) filter does not recognize chats that are assigned to a department but not to a specific operator. This may happen under certain circumstances:
    • When ACD is off and a chat is assigned to a department but not to an operator.
    • When ACD is on and a chat is assigned to an offline department but not to an operator. (Assignment to an offline department can happen manually, due to a rule, or when assignment is made to a department with a queue.)
  • Grouping by multiple criteria. The following Chat and Email reports on can be grouped by multiple criteria. This helps generate the information you need without running multiple reports. For example, data can be grouped first by Date, then by Chat Type, then by Button.
    • Chat:
      • Chat Summary
      • ACD Summary
      • Missed Opportunities Summary
      • Salesforce Summary
      • ActiveAssist Chat Summary
      • Service-Level Analysis - Answered
      • Service-Level Analysis - Unanswered
      • Service-Level Analysis - Chat Duration
      • Service-Level Analysis - Average Time in Queue
      • Operator Reports - Activity
      • Auto Answers Chat Summary
    • Email:
      • Assignment Status Summary
      • Thread Status Summary
      • Assignment Activity Summary
      • Thread Activity Summary
      • Email Thread Answer Performance Summary
      • Email Thread Close Time Performance Summary
      • Email Assignment Answer Performance Summary
      • Email Assignment Close Time Performance Summary
      • Email Time To Respond Performance Summary
      • Productivity - Accepted
      • Productivity - Answered
      • Productivity - Assigned
      • Productivity - Closed (Answered)
      • Productivity - Closed (Unanswered)
      • Productivity - Received
      • Productivity - Sent
      • Productivity - Time To Respond
    • Login:
      • Chat Login Summary
      • Email Login Summary
      • Ticket Login Summary
      • SMS Login Summary
      • Twitter Login Summary
  • Various bug fixes.


  • The Provisioning API can be used to change an operator's department membership. For details, see editOperator under the "Operator Provisioning Methods" section here: BoldChat Provisioning API.
  • getEmailThreads and getClosedEmailThreads can be used to download email threads ordered by last modified date. For parameters, see the appropriate sections here: Bold360 and BoldChat Developer Center.
  • getOperators and getDepartments now also provide a real-time view of the total available capacity per channel via the Capacity, OperatorCapacity and QueueCapacity set of fields.

This release also introduces enhanced cross-site scripting scrubbing for chat messages.

Web Workspace, November 17, 2016

  • Email wrap-up. Wrap-up is now available for emails.
  • Ctrl + Alt + H: New keyboard shortcut.
    • Opens a list of all available keyboard shortcuts.

Version 10.2 & Web Workspace

(released October 28, 2016)

Operator Client

  • Data Residency Options. All new customers signing up for a BoldChat account can choose a data residency region where their Service Data will be stored, hosted, and replicated (that is, the information you submit, transmit, collect, post, store, or produce while using the BoldChat service).
    • Currently available regions are the USA and the EU.
    • Users in an account with a date residency region other than the USA can only log in to BoldChat Operator Client 10.2 version or later.
    • Accounts with a data residency region other than the USA cannot be accessed from the BoldChat iOS App.
    • For further important details, see Data Residency Options.
  • New features related to business hours:
    • Business hours can be set at the department level (Enterprise subscribers only).
    • Exceptions to normal business hours can be set for both the department and website level (Enterprise subscribers only).
    • For details, see How to set business hours.
  • ActiveAssist can be used on both secure pages and non-secure pages with customers who are using a recent version of any modern browser on a desktop or mobile (for example, Chrome, Firefox, IE11+, leading mobile browsers). For additional information, see Setting up ActiveAssist Browser Share.
  • When using Auto Answers, all answers offered to a customer are also included in the chat conversation, and therefore also in chat history.
  • Google Analytics integration for layered windows can now be used to track video chat events. For details, see Google Analytics Integration with BoldChat Layered Windows.


  • New report: Login > Multi-Service Productivity. Login Reports
  • Enhanced email performance reports. This release brings significant changes to the following reports. For detailed descriptions, see Email Reports.
    • Email Thread Answer Performance Summary
      • Now filtered based on the date of the event being measured (email thread answered date) rather than the date of creation of the email thread
      • Unanswered items are no longer reported.
    • Email Thread Close Time Performance Summary
      • Now filtered based on the date of the event being measured (email thread closed date) rather than the date of creation of the email thread
      • Open items are no longer reported
    • Email Assignment Answer Performance Summary
      • Now filtered based on the date of the event being measured (the time when the email assignment was answered) rather than the date of creation of the email thread
      • Unanswered items are no longer reported
    • Email Assignment Close Time Performance Summary
      • Now filtered based on the date of the event being measured (the time the email assignment was closed) rather than the date of creation of the email assignment
      • Open items are no longer reported
    • Email Time To Respond Performance Summary
      • Now filtered based on the date of the event being measured (email response date) rather than the date of creation of the email thread

Web Workspace

  • Smart Response offers canned messages to operators based on the content of a chat conversation
    • To activate Smart Response, an operator presses Ctrl + Space
    • Multiple responses may be shown to the operator, each with a two-line preview
    • The operator can navigate through the list and choose a response to send
    • The operator can edit the chosen response before sending
    • Available for Premier and Enterprise subscribers
  • Content provided by the Auto Answers feature is now shown within the chat message
  • New keyboard shortcuts
    • Ctrl + Alt +M switches between extended (maximized) view of the active task and simple (minimized) view of multiple tasks
    • Ctrl + Alt +N opens and closes the Visitor Info section of the active task when viewing multiple items
  • Custom pre-chat information entered by the visitor in the pre-chat form is now displayed in the visitor information panel
  • Operators have the ability to select the “From” email address when sending an email (newly composed or reply)
  • Operators' HTML-based email signature is added to outgoing emails
  • The search panel for chat and email canned messages now also searches Keywords defined for canned messages
  • New avatars for chat visitors
  • Other minor usability enhancements

Web Workspace & Reports, September 30, 2016

Web Workspace

  • Operators can now view up to three items at a time (chats, emails)
    • Simply click any item along the left panel (My Active Conversations) and it is displayed on the right
    • Only three items are shown at a time
    • Careful! Keep chats and emails minimized to view multiple items - Once an item is maximized, only that one item is shown
  • New keyboard shortcuts for navigating between emails and chats in the task column (along the left side of the workspace)
    • Up: Ctrl + Alt + I
    • Down: Ctrl + Alt + K
  • New keyboard shortcuts for navigating between open items on the right side of the workspace
    • Left: Ctrl + Alt + J
    • Right: Ctrl + Alt + L
  • Operators can now send web pages (URLs) that open in the visitor's default browser
    • Links must be prefaced with http:// or https://
  • Enhanced text editor for email with bulleted/numbered list formatting options
  • Other minor improvements to the Web Workspace


  • Email Performance Reports now report individual email data rather than data per email thread
    • Data reported before and after this change may not be comparable

Web Workspace, August 26, 2016

  • Administrators can now customize the information shown to operators on the visitor information section of the Web Workspace. See Web Workspace - Administrator Guide
  • Added Current URL to the visitor information section
  • For emails, there is now an icon that opens an email in a new window for easier viewing
  • Introduced keyboard shortcuts for navigating the task column along the left side of the Web Workspace:
    • Enter: Accept an item and begin working on it
    • Shift+Enter: Accept an item without working on it right away (Quick Accept)

Version 10.1

(released August 26, 2016)

This release includes new features as well as various improvements and fixes.

  • Optimized the mobile visitor experience when visiting a layered chat window from a mobile device
  • When searching chats from the desktop Operator Client, you can now filter by Category and Department
  • Difficulty is now taken into consideration as part of the assignment method for Automatic Chat Distribution (ACD). See How to automatically activate chats (Automatic Chat Distribution)
  • As of 08/26/2016, when generating email performance reports using the desktop operator client, emails are filtered based on the date of the event being measured rather than the date of creation of the email thread
  • Various security improvements
  • Other minor improvements and fixes

Web Workspace, July 29, 2016


Web Workspace is now available in 10 new languages in addition to English. List of currently supported languages:

  • English
  • Dutch
  • French
  • French (Canada)
  • German
  • Hungarian
  • Spanish (International)
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Portuguese (Brazil)

Visitor Info

  • Added the following new data fields to the visitor information section:
    • Department
    • IP
    • Device
    • Chat Launch URL
    • Website and Country
  • Added the following items to Chat Task Widget:
    • Department
    • Folder Info


  • Search is now available on the Chat/Email transfer panel.
  • Operators can search for chats and emails (including past items), based on keyword and predefined date ranges.

Email Productivity

  • In addition to responding to inbound emails, operators can now compose new emails and create new email work items.
  • Shortcuts (/ commands) have been added to emails to make it easier to transfer and invoke canned responses as well as close emails.

Usability Improvements

  • Added notifications to better orient users
  • Fixed initial chat greetings
  • Improved email task ordering
  • Improved Chat Wrap Up field visibility and ordering settings
  • Hyperlinks are now automatically embedded

Version 10.0

(released June 24, 2016)

This major release includes new features as well as various improvements and fixes.

New Features

Web Workspace

The Web Workspace is BoldChat's modern and intuitive interface for operators.

Chat Difficulty Balancing

Distribute incoming chats more evenly between operators by adjusting the difficulty factor of a typical chat.

Automatically Log Out Inactive Operators

You can set the desktop Operator Client to automatically log out operators after a specified period of inactivity. This helps ensure that your information is secure when the client is unattended.


  • Added an option to ignore weighting from Auto Answers voting when displaying results
  • The last routing rule applied is shown for email threads for easier tracking
  • Added a new permission that controls operator access to the Column Chooser in the desktop Operator Client
  • Added a regional setting that determines the list separator used in CSV export files
  • Administrators can schedule and verify Chat Window customization upgrades
  • Expanded the Rule Engine export/import CSV format with a new column that reflects whether the exported item is a Criteria or an Action


  • The desktop Operator Client version is displayed on Operator Login Reports
  • Fixed time filter option in Button Availability Reports
  • Visitor details are no longer saved erroneously between client sessions
  • Improved usability with certain dialogs
  • Various security improvements
  • Various reliability and usability improvements

Version 9.1

(released May 2016)

This maintenance release includes various improvements and fixes.

New Features

Update Policy for the desktop Operator Client

This release introduces the Update Policy feature for the Operator Client. By setting an Update Policy for the desktop Operator Client, you can control how the BoldChat desktop Operator Client checks for new versions and what options operators are given when a new version is found. For details, see Update Policy: How Operators Can Update the desktop Operator Client.

Language setting for canned messages

When creating canned messages, you can now add a Language value. This value acts as a filter to ensure that operators see only messages matching the visitor's language. When no value is specified, no filter is applied and the message is displayed to all operators as <Not specified>. For example, when an Italian speaking visitor starts a chat, the operator sees Italian canned messages plus those messages with no language value.
Tip: Subject , Keywords , and the message body should all be written in the same language.
Note: If you are using the Auto Answers feature, the Language setting also determines which messages appear to visitors in Auto Answers.

Expanded Web Reports

Web Reports is now the most comprehensive source for BoldChat reporting (

  • Basic Summary and Basic Mobile reports have been combined in a single Basic Summary report on the Web
  • Keyword Summary is separated into two separate reports (chat and visit data) on the Web


  • Introduced improvements that ensure the integrity of settings for the primary BoldChat user for an account: Login cannot be disabled in web setup; Permission Group cannot be changed
  • Implemented system stability improvements and video chat performance improvements
  • Authenticated Layered chat windows can now be used when cookies are disabled
  • Various security improvements
  • Various minor improvements


  • Resolved an issue that prevented video chat assignment from the BoldChat desktop Operator Client
  • Resolved an issue that prevented Layered windows from resizing on devices running Windows 8.1 Touch Support with 8 touch points, 32 bit version, when the browser is Chrome or IE
  • Resolved an issue that presented Layered windows improperly on Samsung Galaxy Note 3, 4, and iPhone
  • Resolved an issue that caused negative numbers to appear on the dashboard and in alerts
  • Resolved an issue that caused Away operators to be reported as logged in
  • Resolved issues with the branding of Layered windows
  • Resolved minor issues with Automatic Chat Distribution
  • Various minor bug fixes

Version 9.0

(released March 4, 2016)

This major release brings multiple enhancements and new features.

New Features

Video Chat

Allow operators to chat with your visitors face to face. During video sessions, either both parties or only operators can stream video.

Auto Answers

Auto Answers is a self-service support feature that provides visitors a way to browse questions and answers before chatting live, deflecting common or repetitive engagement from operators.

Custom Operator Statuses

Custom operator statuses extend the range of operator statuses beyond the built-in Available/Away options.

Provisioning API

Create, read, update and delete Chat Canned Messages to import large amounts of data, such as an entire knowledge base or FAQ to be used with the Auto Answers feature.


Two new Email reports have been added to Web Reports along with several enhancements.

  • New Email Assignment Activity Summary Report:
  • New Email Thread Activity Summary Report: Email Reports


Chat Rules Engine Updates

Added new criteria for routing chats:
  • Visitor interaction when using Auto Answers before live chat
  • Content of a visitor's Initial Question on pre-chat forms

Provisioning API Updates

Extended the createOperatorFromTemplate method. When creating an operator, you can now define additional properties.

Workflow API Updates

Extended the setOperatorAvailability method to cover custom operator statuses as well.


Various reliability and usability improvements.

Version 8.1

(released November 2015)

This release features improvements to Automatic Chat Distribution (ACD):

  • Visitor queue time upon manual reassignment: Tell BoldChat how to place visitors into the queue when they are reassigned by an operator rather than ACD
  • Dynamic queue length limits
    • Maximum chats in queue: Do not allow new chat sessions when the total queue size reaches this number
    • Average in queue per available operator: Disable the Chat Button when the total number in the queue divided by the number of available operators reaches this number

For details, see How to automatically activate chats (Automatic Chat Distribution).

We also made various minor improvements and fixes.

Version 8.0

(released July 31, 2015)

This major release brings multiple enhancements and new features.

New Features

Workflow API

The BoldChat Workflow API facilitates integration of BoldChat with environments that manage operator provisioning, work assignment and routing, such as telephony, workflow management and personnel provisioning systems.

Provisioning API

The BoldChat Provisioning API provides a programmatic way to create, edit and delete operators.

Web Dashboard

The Web Dashboard allows users to view a summary of account activity from anywhere - desktop, tablet, or phone.

HTML Chat Window SDK

The HTML Chat Window SDK is a collection of HTML, JavaScript and CSS files that allow you to create a completely customized chat user interface.


Enhanced Reports

  • Added new Email Productivity and Summary reports (web only)
  • New Department filters in chat reports (web only)
    • Department (operator membership): Returns results for chats assigned to operators who are members of the selected departments
    • Department (final assignment): Returns results for chats assigned to the selected departments upon close.
    • Department (initial assignment): Returns results for chats assigned to the department upon start.

Mobile SDK 2.0

  • Introduced new themes to Pop-up and Layered Windows
  • Implemented Net Promoter Score (NPS) reporting
  • Added new functions to minimize and maximize Chat Windows
  • A fully functioning Layered Window example is now bundled with the SDK
  • Integrated Visitor Monitoring


  • Resolved an issue that occurred when linking the SDK framework that resulted in a large number of warnings
  • Added support for Windows 10 for both the Desktop Client as well as visitor facing website chat windows.

Version 7.93

(released May 29, 2015)


This release improves back-end server performance and the BoldChat Web Client. There are no modifications to the Desktop Client (Desktop Client), so no action or download is required.

  • Added Korean and Japanese localization for the Web Client and Web Reports
  • Various database and server improvements, including the Web Client and Web Reports

Version 7.92

(released March 2015)


Experiments feature

An experiment is a targeted modification of any currently deployed HTML snippet/Website definition.

Gain insight into your chat strategy by varying the chat button or invitation ruleset that is presented/applied to visitors who qualify for the experiment based on criteria of your choice. Experiments are active for each HTML snippet with which a website definition is associated.

For details, see How to automatically activate chats (Automatic Chat Distribution).

New Reports

  • Experiment Summary
  • Experiment Detail
  • Email Time to Respond Report
  • Average Time in Queue Report

For details, see Reports.

New Report Filtering Options

The following reports now have a filter for Experiment:
  • Chat Summary
  • ACD Summary
  • Missed Opportunities Summary
  • Service Level Analysis - Answered
  • Service Level Analysis - Unanswered
  • Service Level Analysis - Chat Duration
  • Service Level Analysis - ATQ
  • Operator Survey
  • Operator Activity
  • Operator Productivity
  • Operator Custom Survey
  • Operator NPS
  • Operator Custom Wrap-up
  • Chat Assignment Report
  • Conversion Summary for Chats
  • Visit Summary
  • Invite Summary
  • Visit Chat Interactions
The following reports now have the option to group by Experiment:
  • Chat Summary
  • Chat Conversion Summary
  • Visit Summary
  • Visit Chat Interactions
  • Chat ACD Summary


  • Mobile browser routing
  • Queue Time column added to the email grid in the desktop Operator Client
  • Various minor stability and usability improvements

iPhone App Update

(released February 17, 2015)

For details, see How to set up an experiment (Chat Experiment Engine).

  • Visitor and chat folder structure is now displayed
  • Operator details are now accessible
  • Added typing status notification
  • Added real-time auto-translation integration for accounts subscribed to this service
  • Various stability and user experience enhancements

Version 7.91

(released January 30, 2015)


Button Availability Report

The new button availability report provides fine-grained insight into when buttons were available on your site. The report also takes operational hours into account.

Bold360 and BoldChat Developer Center

The improved Data Extraction API is now updated to the JSON REST protocol. It provides developers with an interface to programmatically acquire large amounts of data that has been derived from BoldChat services.

Zendesk Integration

The integration of Zendesk and BoldChat allows your organization to be able to create Zendesk tickets from active or inactive chats directly from the BoldChat client.


  • Usability improvements in the auto-translation integration
  • Simple branding changes no longer hide custom brandings
  • Various minor BoldChat and web client stability and usability improvements

Version 7.90

(released November 14, 2014)



With Auto-translation, messages between visitor and operator are translated in real-time, thus allowing both parties to chat in their own language if the language pair is available.
  • Integrates with GeoFluent by Lionbridge
  • Configurable per chat window
  • Supports non-translatable markup for live chats and canned chat messages
  • Content is maintained in a secure, private workspace and never enters the public domain
  • Auto-translated messages are editable before sending

Integration API

The Integration API for Enterprise subscribers exposes BoldChat functionalities and chat event data to other systems, such as CRM or Ticketing that implements bidirectional JSON REST API calls.
  • Configure BoldChat events to trigger API calls
  • Use presets for straightforward implementation of commonly used triggers
  • Set up conditions for triggers
  • Define how web pages open after a trigger
  • Create filters to define additional criteria for triggers

Automatic Chat Distribution Invitation Throttle

The invitation throttle controls the balance between the number of invitations sent and the risk that the target queue is exceeded.
  • Helps to avoid long queues of unassigned chats when more visitors accept invitations than operators can handle
  • Supports manual or automatically calculated acceptance rates, based on a moving average of the actual acceptance rate over approximately one week
  • Configurable by department

NPS Survey/Report

NPS (Net Promoter Score) is a benchmarking technique to gauge customer loyalty and happiness.
  • Available as an option for post-chat surveys
  • Added a new NPS Survey report via web reports

Credit Card Number Obfuscation

Credit card number obfuscation allows the concealment of only credit card formats.
  • Customers can choose When to Conceal in addition to What to Conceal

My Canned Messages Shorthand Codes

This release introduces a new typed shortcut that inserts the message into a chat to boost operator productivity.


Toolbar Usability

Changed the default toolbar display to show small icons and text.

Allow removal of words from dictionary

Added an option to modify words that have been manually added to the dictionary.

Desktop Client framework upgrade

Upgraded the BoldChat client platform to .NET Framework 3.5.


Desktop Operator Client and Web Client

  • Improved user inactive state detection due to inactivity

Desktop Operator Client

  • Resolved an issue where reports disappeared from the grid if Relate To is selected
  • Various stability, usability and .NET compatibility improvements

Mobile Chat SDK

  • Improved chat authentication functionality

Chat Window

  • Fixed layered chat window font size on Amazon Kindle Silk Browser
  • Fixed layered window rendering problems on iPhone 6
  • Fixed an issue with chat view scrolling on iOS 8
  • Fixed an issue where layered chat windows opened as popup in rare cases
  • Fixed an issue where the chat could not be ended using Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 8.1 with touch support
  • Other minor fixes


  • Raised reporting export limit to 5000


  • Fixed an issue with certain chat conversions not being recorded

Version 7.81

(released August 22, 2014)


  • Buttons and images in the Chat Button Gallery have been updated to a fresher, more contemporary look
  • For new Chat Windows, the default type is now Layered, as opposed to Pop-up
  • Visitors can now email themselves a transcript from layered chat windows (previously this feature only worked with pop-up chat windows)

Version 7.80

(released August 1, 2014)


Mobile API/SDK

Introduced a Mobile API and SDK for iOS and Android for Enterprise subscribers. Contact your account representative to have your account enabled for this feature.
  • Establish in-App chat for your mobile applications
  • Use our ready-made code SDK library functions and call-backs for easy integration
  • We provide sample chat apps with full source code
  • Set up access keys to your mobile apps using the new Chat API tab
  • Build a full chat experience with pre- and post-chat pages and unavailable form
  • Fully format and brand chat pages to fit your look and feel
  • Create in-App chat reports, or include the in-App chats into your general reporting
  • Apps accessing chat must authenticate with the access key to access the chat service
  • For details, see the Bold360 and BoldChat Developer Center
Chat distribution
  • Enterprise subscribers can set chats to rollover through multiple departments
  • This is useful when the original or the rollover Departments are both full
Improved setup from the Web Client
  • Added the ability to enter multiple email addresses for the auto-emailing of chat transcripts
  • Created a fully restructured and re-engineered setup for Website definitions

Improved email thread reporting

  • Added new Email Assignment Report for reporting on individual email traffic by Operators instead of email threads only

Web Reports

  • Enhanced mobile chat reporting
    • Mobility filtering
    • New groupings (mobility, API access key, Chat type) in the following reports:
      • Chat Summary
      • ACD Summary
      • Salesforce Summary
      • ActiveAssist Chat Summary
      • Visit Chat Interactions

Server Connection

  • Introduced WebSocket connections for Web Client and Chat Windows
  • If the WebSocket connection fails, connection automatically falls back to normal streaming methods

New User Guide

  • Created a new, restructured, task-oriented, up-to-date User Guide at
Increased security through data validation
  • Enterprise subscribers can use PGP or SHA-512 hash options as an extra measure to validate all chats, visits and conversions in BoldChat.
  • Send information securely about visitors to the operators to ensure validation in BoldChat of website visitors who authenticate post-login on the website (e.g. My Bank Account area).
  • Use this feature to ensure that incoming chats originate from the Website associated with the chat button.
  • When visitor monitoring and/or conversion tracking is enabled, this feature also ensures that the visit/conversion data originates from the website with the monitoring/conversion HTML code.
  • For details, see Validating Chats, Visits and Conversions (Data Validation)


Desktop Operator Client and Web Client

  • Fixed an issue with incorrect email distribution (ACD) on large volume of incoming emails
  • Fixed issue with the email auto responder fields being case-sensitive
  • Fixed an ACD issue with assigning cached emails with no Department prioritized over emails with specific matching department
  • Fixed an issue with ranking of new operators in a department
Web Client
  • Fixed an issue with the spell-checker in Personal Canned Messages
Web Setup
  • Fixed a potential log in issue that could happen if customer got directed to a different server
  • Fixed an issue with reset password not sending the reset email (Web Setup and Web Reports)
  • Fixed an issue that could cause a server deadlock during setup save into database
  • Fixed an issue with saving Website setting with business hours set
  • Fixed a cosmetic issue with drop-down fields in pre-chat window on Layered chat windows under Chrome
Chat Window
  • Fixed issue with auto messages not being sent to Layered Chat Windows
  • Fixed an issue with the chat window height when opening a chat through a proactive invite in Internet Explorer and Firefox
  • Avoided potential interference between chat window JavaScript variables and customer website variables
  • Fixed issue with Scheduled reports in CSV format missing some columns

  • Fixed issue with Email Answer Performance Summary report with certain Time Interval settings

Version 7.71

(released April 22, 2014)


Desktop Client and Web Client
  • Introduced custom, operator-facing, post-chat wrap-up fields
    • Customer can create custom fields visible to the operator to input data as part of their post-chat wrap-up process
    • Fields can be required or not required. The chat session does not close until operator fills all required fields
    • Various data field types are available ... drop-down selection, radio button, text input ... similar to custom field options on the pre / post chat forms
    • Custom fields are presented to operator in new Custom Wrap-up area in the active chat section
    • Operators are notified when fields are required, including on previous standard wrap-up fields (Category, Status, Custom 1, and Custom 2)
    • New Operator Wrap-up tab in chat window definition setup for configuring these new custom field options
    • Previous auto-close interval setting and standard post-chat wrap-up field setup moved to this new setup tab
    • These new fields can be added to the main chat grid view through the Column Chooser
    • These new fields can be searched with chat search and exported
    • Introduced a new Custom Wrap-Up report in Operator Reports (Web Reports only)
    • Data stored in these new custom fields can be retrieved through the API using a new method: getChatOperatorCustomFields
Chat Windows
  • Made "Layered Chat Window" header elements easier to brand by adding new branding keys for header icons (Minimize and Menu), menu icons (Minimize and Close), and minimized icons (Idle and Pending)


Setup / Generate Chat Button HTML
  • Fixed issue with saving email signature chat button into a directory different from the Outlook signature folder
Desktop Client
  • Hid some non-functional menu items when client is in logged out state
  • Fixed missing content-sensitive help texts in Invitation Rule setup
Chat Window
  • Fixed issue with Layered Chat Window rendering when opened from an invitation
  • Fixed issue with Chat Window displaying feedback confirmation message even if visitor did not fill out any post-chat fields
  • Fixed issue with mobile invites not opening the chat window in iOS Chrome browser
  • Fixed issue with Layered Chat Window showing all post-chat survey fields when only the chat transcript prompt is enabled
  • Fixed issue with Layered Chat Window improperly appearing as minimized after page refresh
  • Fixed issue with Answer Timeout feature not working in Layered Chat Window (maintenance release April 30, 2014)
  • Fixed issue with the Operator Productivity Report failing with filter conditions
  • Fixed issue with default date interval
  • Updated copyright notices in User Guide, Web Client, Web Setup and Web Reports footers
  • Cleaned up some of the unnecessary links in the header and footer of Web Setup

Version 7.70

(released March 18, 2014)


Chat Windows
  • Introduced new "Layered Chat Window" type to Chat Window definition setup … that produces an in-page, semi-transparent chat window instance
    • Designed and optimized for mobile display … both small form (phone) and large form (tablet)
    • Also works in desktop browsers
    • Maintains chat session as visitor browses from page to page on supported site
    • Setup options allow you to choose between traditional "Pop-Up Chat Window" or new "Layered Chat Window" type … and differentiate between desktop and mobile browser presentation
    • Customizable through "Brandings" setup
    • Compatible with traditional button, text-link, and floating button style chat implementations
    • Compatible with chats launched from invitations
    • Layered chat windows use new Web Sockets based connection method to improve reliability of chat window connectivity on mobile devices.
    • Improved Chat HTML to support new layered chat window functionality
  • Introduced "multi-language chat window" branding functionality to allow a customer to define multiple language brandings within a single chat window definition. No longer requires that you setup separate chat window definitions for separate language brandings.
    • New "Language" chat property (displayable in main chat grid)
    • Customer can define what languages a given chat window definition will support (for branding localization)
      • Selecting any of our 7 standard languages … English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese … will use the default branding localizations we introduced in the previous 7.60 release.
      • Can also select from another 35 languages that do not have default branding localizations … but that you can do the localization branding yourself. Allows you to support localization in languages outside our standard 7.
    • New option to expose "Language" field in the pre-chat form … i.e. allows your visitor to pick language for the chat window
    • Even if not exposed in pre-chat form, the chat window can auto-detect chat visitor's language based upon their OS/browser settings and then automatically select a supported localization (if one has been setup).
    • Added "Language" as new criteria to the chat rules engine … to allow for routing chats to folders based upon language.
    • Added "Language" as a property of a Department to allow automatic filtering of the Department selection list of the pre-chat form.
Automatic Distribution
  • Introduced two new distribution methods, across all services (e.g. chat, email, etc.) …
    • Round Robin … rotates assignment of new items (e.g. chats) among available operators in a method designed to balance the number of chats assigned per operator.
    • Most Busy … designed to improve group efficiency in a multi-tasking environment; this method assigns new items (e.g. chats) to the busiest operators, up to their capacity. This new method is effectively the exact opposite of our existing "Least Busy" distribution method that spreads new work items to the least loaded operator.
  • New distribution methods can be configured at account-level (e.g. impacting all new chats the same way) … or at a department-level (e.g. to distribute Sales chats and Support chats differently).
  • Introduced a new, department-level work item priority ("Urgency") feature to allow distributing items with higher department urgency before items with lower urgency, whenever items are in a queue (i.e. more items waiting than current operator capacity).
  • Introduced operator ranking within a department (in Department setup). This is used by the distribution engine for giving one operator a preference over another, within a department … for example primary operators vs. back-up (overflow) operators … or higher-skilled vs. lower-skilled.
  • Introduced a new department priority ranking (in Operator setup). This is used by the distribution engine, when an operator is a member of multiple departments, to determine which item (e.g. chat) to give to the operator when items have similar department-level urgency. For example, you can give an operator higher priority for Sales chats versus Support chats, or vice-versa.
Chat Data Retention
  • New Setup option for configuring chat data retention policies … allowing for the automated recycling and/or deletion of chat data in account.
    • Ability to recycle or delete complete chat records after a specified period of time
    • Ability to delete partial chat data after specified period of time
    • Ability to automatically empty recycle bin after specified period of time (i.e. permanent deletion)
  • Renamed "Deleted Items" view to "Recycle Bin" for consistency
Changes/Fixes Desktop Client
  • Fixed issues with viewing canned messages folders permissions
  • Fixed issue with canned messages folders display
  • Fixed issues with replying/forwarding of plain text emails
  • Fixed issue with improper save of Website hours
Web Client
  • Fixed issue with Web Client performance degradation over time related to canned message handling
  • Fixed issue with paging through the grid using chat type filter
  • Fixed issue with viewing canned messages folders without permission to see
  • Fixed issue with opening links received by Visitor opening in the chat window instead of separate window
  • Fixed an issue with improper save of website hours
  • Fixed issue with alert sounds
Chat Window
  • Fixed issue on iOS devices with invite positioning when keyboard is opened
  • Fixed issue with Operator's avatar image appearing next to Visitor's messages when sent during a chat associated with a Rescue session
  • Fixed issue when saving multiple recipient email addresses separated by a semicolon (instead of comma) in several setup areas
  • Fixed issue with attachment handling when forwarding plain text emails
Canned Messages
  • Fixed an issue related to canned messages and canned message folders related to inherited permissions
  • Fixed issue with the ART (Average Response Time) column header display in Operator Activity and Operator Productivity reports
  • Fixed issue with display of AMC (Average Message Count) values in Operator Activity report
  • Improved calculations and efficiency in Operator Productivity summary report

Version 7.60

(released October 22, 2013)


  • Introduced mobile-optimized chat invitations
Email Service
  • New "Email History" feature (tab)
  • Auto-fill remembered email addresses in To, Cc, and Bcc fields
    • Remembered email addresses are operator-specific
    • Option to delete items from remembered list (right-click dropdown list)
    • Added ability to add/edit embedded images in Operator email signature setup in the Web Setup
ActiveAssist / Rescue Integration
  • Support ActiveAssist sessions with visitors that are on Mac OS X 10.6 or higher
  • Support reconnecting ActiveAssist session and active chat after a Rescue initiated reboot
  • Replaced visitor-facing "black box" UI of Rescue applet with new system tray icon to reduce UI clutter for visitor
  • Support handling and displaying Rescue "system" messages in chat
  • New "ActiveAssist Chat Summary" web report
  • Improved operator's experience with login & transition between BoldChat operator console and Rescue Tech Console
  • Improved presentation/style of ActiveAssist allow request in visitor chat window
  • Warn chat visitor attempting to close chat window with open ActiveAssist session
Chat Windows
  • Improved mobile / touch device rendering of chat windows
    • Device rotation now well handled
    • Improved view of chat window when keyboard is visible
    • Improved rendering (auto-scaling) on larger display devices (i.e. tablets)
  • Added default localization (i.e. translations) to chat window definition's default branding to support our 7 standard languages … English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese
  • Added additional customization options for chat window messages
    • Individual branding styles for operator, visitor, and system messages.
    • New Javascript callback function for even more advanced styling of messages
  • Localized Web Reports interface and functionality to support our 7 standard languages … English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese
  • Enhanced "Operator Activity" report with additional data to better understand counts & percentages of chats answered and details about missed chats.
  • New "ActiveAssist Chat Summary" web report
  • Web Client - Improved usability of Salesforce function in Web Client … now opens in new window instead of overlay of same window
  • Workspace - Added "Salesforce" action button to Workspace interface
  • Search - Enhanced search to allow searching for and finding shorter and common words
  • Canned Messages - Added an option to check for global hot-key conflicts in canned message setup


Desktop Client
  • Updated help to clarify behavior of Operator Hours feature (does not auto-login an operator at beginning of period)
  • Fixed issue where certain hyperlinked URL's (sent by visitor) were not showing in chat content area for operator
  • Fixed issues with formatting of operator text in send message area in Desktop Client
  • Chat Export - Fixed so time selection handles PC regional settings where 24 hour clock is default (instead of 12-hour / AM / PM clock).
  • Conversions - Fixed issue with paging of Conversions data in Desktop Client grid
  • Workspace - Improved workspace item list prioritization to place 'ended' items below active items (grouped by services)
  • Workspace - Improved focus/selection after selected item goes away from Workspace view … e.g. when you send/close an email
  • Twitter - Fixed issue with operator hour and availability/away status in Twitter service
  • Improved 'connectivity report' and 'problem report' sending process
  • Improved exception handling
  • Attachments - Fixed so attachments are always opened through secure connection
Web Client
  • Fixed error in "view chat window" when popped up from alert
  • Fixed issue with search dates
  • Fixed issues in assign to dropdowns with department statuses showing incorrect available/away status
  • Fixed issue with sorting by date/time columns improperly
  • Fixed issue with "Move To Folder" drop-down causing page scrolling
  • Fixed encoding issue that prevented some canned messages from appearing in the insert canned message list
  • Fixed issue with empty Salesforce drop-down after re-login
  • Improved handling of Salesforce errors
  • Fixed couple of display issues when using French localization view
  • Fixed issue where email canned message variables were not populating data properly
  • Fixed issue with Unicode encoding in SMTP address header content to address issue seen in outgoing emails (compose, reply, forward)
  • Fixed issue where characters would get lost when pasting text into an email composition area.
  • Fixed issue where opening an email attachment would sometimes fail
  • Fixed issue with auto-responder rule setup to adhere to operator email account permissions when showing list of available email (accounts) addresses for From field
Canned Messages
  • Fixed issue with hot-keys not working when Discussion tab is visible
  • Fixed some hot-keys that didn't work
  • Fixed issue with some canned messages not appearing in insert canned message drop-down list due to incorrect permission interpretation
  • Personal Canned Messages - Fixed improper handling of "No Setup" permission setting on account-level canned messages that caused canned message folders with this permission to not be visible/usable.
  • Personal Canned Messages - Fixed issue with moving (drag/drop) canned message folders in IE8
  • Personal Canned Messages - Fixed issue with copy/paste not working in Desktop Client when editing a personal canned message
  • Personal Canned Messages - Fixed issues with conflicts with creating personal canned messages under various permission configurations.
  • Fixed sorting of data in XLS and CSV report output formats
  • Fixed issue sometimes causing duplicate scheduled reports to be sent hourly.
  • Fixed issue where report legend description was cut-off
  • Fixed issue with Unicode characters in chat keyword field not displaying correctly in HTML reports.
  • Fixed issue with scheduled reports producing (and sending) an error instead of the report
  • Web Reports - Date range filter is can no longer be deleted in Advanced report page
  • Improved search to handle Unicode characters
  • Improved slow email searches
  • Chat - Fix search to allow searching of pre/post-chat custom field data
  • Web Setup - Fixed issue with non-escaped characters in "Auto Messages" setup area of chat window definition setup
  • Web Setup - Fixed issue with creating/saving/editing "Auto Messages" in chat window definition setup
  • Web Setup - Fixed issue with Login Control Settings setup section title
  • Web Setup - Fixed setup validation to allow multiple email addresses to be provided in setup fields where email addresses are provided … e.g. chat window definition's auto-email transcript field.
  • Web Setup - Fixed issue with new floating chat button definitions appearing in wrong place in setup list section
  • Web Setup - Fixed issue with display of fields in "Included/Excluded" fields list for chat transcript email setup
  • Web Setup - Fixed issue with saving of selected, required fields for post-chat wrap-up control setup
  • Web Setup - Fixed issue with saving/editing of list items (value & label) for "Drop-Down Menu" types of pre/post-chat custom fields
  • Web Setup - Fixed issue with chat window definition "General" settings getting overwritten when editing "Brandings" settings.
  • Web Setup - Fixed issue with chat window definition "Unavailable Email" settings getting overwritten when editing "Pre-Chat Window" settings
  • Web Setup - Fixed issue with setting "Available Departments" in "Pre-Chat Window" chat window definition setup
  • Web Setup - Improved experience when reloading setup web page (remembers and returns you to last selection)
  • Web Setup - Fixed issue with incorrect department-level automatic distribution setting when creating/saving a new department
  • Setup - Improved default "Operator" permission group to remove unneeded action permissions in the default configuration.
  • Setup - Improved behavior when creating a new floating chat button definition and trying to save it for first time.
  • Desktop Client Setup - Fixed issue with first attempt to save department setup on pre-chat form of chat window definition.
  • Desktop Client / Invitation Setup - Improved help documentation in invite rule setup
  • Desktop Client / Invitation Setup - Made "Callback" editing space larger for "Javascript" type of invitation setup
  • Chat Window - Fixed styling/layout problem seen in IE10
  • Availability - Fixed issue when an "Offline Mobile Operator" (part of "Call Distribution" setup) is deleted - now properly removes operator from being available.
  • Discussions - Improved discussion posting so you cannot post a discussion to an operator that doesn't have permission (folder permission) to view the item the discussion is posted to.
  • ActiveAssist - Fixed issue (in certain browsers) with display of ActiveAssist status message in visitor chat window
  • API - Fixed issue causing some chats to not be retrievable via API
  • Account Signup - Improved error handling when trying to create an account with a username that already exists

iPhone App Update

(released July 25, 2013)

  • Updated app to support retina display & larger iPhone 5 resolution / screen size
  • Improved login/logout/reconnect behavior & security
  • Fully support device rotation in the app
  • Fixed visitor count badge
  • Fixed issue with missing chat messages
  • Fixed issue with visits list being empty

Version 7.52

(released July 8, 2013)


Email Service
  • Enhanced email routing rule capabilities
  • Supporrt for emebedding images into outbound emails
  • New business hours logic on email auto-reply feature
  • New operator email signature feature


  • Permissions - Corrected a permission setting that previously displayed incorrectly

Version 7.50

(released May 1, 2013)


Web Client: New web-based reporting functionality allows for easy access to reporting data with simply being logged into the web client. Data Obfuscation: Two different options in how numeric data is masked within the chat window.
  • Option 1: Conceal numeric strings after the chat has ended and closed.
  • Option 2: Numeric strings are concealed immediately and only the assigned operator is able to see the unconcealed text when it is posted.


  • Email - "# Open" count is on emails is now visible within the Dashboard.
  • Assign - "Assign to Department" drop-down is now visible within the Workspace.
  • Contacts - now able to page by date in within Contacts.
  • Labeling - Corrected labels for report permissions to say "Reports"; not "Tickets."
  • Connection - Addressed and corrected slowness when exiting the client.
  • Chat - modified the chat window definition setup to expose the new settings for numeric masking.

Version 7.40


Web Client Functionality
  • In addition to English, the web client interface can now be viewed in Spanish, Italian, Dutch, German, and French.
  • Language selector available on the initial login screen and from the "View" menu once you are logged in.
  • Changing language preference automatically changes spell-checker dictionary preferences.
Canned Messages Functionality
  • Operators can now create, edit, and delete their own canned messages.
  • Operator's canned messages can be re-organized (both their own and the ones defined at the account level) into their own personal view or into a structure that makes sense to them. This includes the ability to create and manage their own personal folder structure for canned messages and the ability to "hide" canned messages or message folders that they don't use.
    • This feature is available in both the application client and the web client and whether or not an operator has access to this feature is controlled by a new permission group setting (in the "Account" tab < "Can Use Personal Canned Messages").
  • If an operator has permission to this feature, they can configure their personal canned messages and organization from a new item in the "Setup" menu of both client interfaces under "My Canned Messages". This allows them to:
    • Create, edit, and delete personal folders.
    • Create, edit, and delete personal canned messages.
    • Move any folder or message in the structure through drag and drop. This includes both personal and account-level messages and folders
    • Hide/unhide folders and messages (through the checkbox), which controls the visibility of that item for the operator in the client drop-downs.
  • An operator's customized view of canned messages is visible to them when they use the canned message capabilities to "Answer" a chat or to "Insert Canned Message" (i.e. the drop-downs).
  • An operator's customized canned message structure and personal canned messages are unique to them and do not impact any other operator.
  • This feature is available to customers in the Premier, SMB, and Enterprise editions.
Single Sign-On Functionality
  • This feature allows a customer to setup their BoldChat account to use their own authentication service (e.g. MS Active Directory) to provide login authentication to BoldChat for their operators. The end goal is that an operator will be automatically logged into BoldChat when they launch a BoldChat client, once they are authenticated to their main domain authentication service (i.e. they don't have to use their individual BoldChat username and password).
    • This feature should work with any SAML 2.0 compatible authentication service.
    • This feature works with both the BoldChat application client (v7.40) and the web client.
  • Setup requires that the customer "Enable Single Sign On" through new setup elements in the "General Account Setup" and then configure settings both in BoldChat and in their authentication server. Instructions for setup are provided in the "Help" that is in this setup area.
  • Once enabled and tested to verify, the customer can then decide how they want to deploy the enforcement of the single sign on functionality to their operator base.
    • They can choose to leave it enabled, but NOT required, which would allow operators to login either with SSO mode (using their domain authentication credentials), or with their normal BoldChat username/password.
    • They can choose to require everyone on the account to authenticate through the SSO mode.
    • Or they can override the setting for each individual operator.
    • The account-level settings are in the "Login Control Settings" setup. The operator-level override settings are in the "Login Control" tab of the operator setup.
  • Once enabled (or if required) an operator would need to access the web client using the URL:, where "xxxxxx" is their BoldChat username. This URL should be saved as a bookmark.
  • To access the application client, they need to enable the v7.40 application client's "SSO Mode" setting using a new Program Group option from the Start menu. Start > Programs > BoldChat > SSO Mode. They will need to put in their account ID and check the enable box. This will setup their application client to automatically attempt to login via SSO mode when it is launched. Unchecking the box in that "SSO Mode" setup area will allow the application client to prompt them again to login with a BoldChat username and password, instead of the SSO mode path. This is helpful if they are allowed to login without SSO (i.e. not required) and they are NOT connected to the corporate network to have access to their SSO authentication servers.
  • This feature is available to customers in the Enterprise edition only.
Assignment Tracking Functionality
  • Feature extended to Calls, Email, SMS, Twitter, and Ticket.
  • Similar implementation as was done in Chats in the v7.30 release cycle.

Version 7.30


Web Client Functionality
  • Implemented "Search Canned Messages"
  • Row Formatting Rules controls
  • Implemented "Salesforce" action button functionality for Chats
  • Spellchecking - Expanded the spellchecker's language list from 11 languages to 17. Languages added: English (UK), Hungarian, two variations of Norwegian, Portuguese (Brazil), and Russian.
  • Enhanced spellchecking -Checks automaticlly as you type
  • Email Chat Transcript - Added action button to allow operator to email a copy of a chat transcript
  • Added ability to expose custom pre-chat and post-chat fields to the chats data grid via the Column Chooser
  • Link added to the login dialog to allow users to bookmark the Web Client page
  • Added Tweet distribution setup (previously was only in the Desktop Client setup and was the only missing service distribution setup in the web setup)
  • Improved labeling of automatic distribution settings for better clarity and consistency with .NET client
Search Functionality
  • Included new searchable content:
    • Pre-chat and post-chat form content.
    • Our built-in custom fields - visitRef, visitName, visitInfo, visitEmail, visitPhone, customURL
    • Survey comments
    • Unavailable email subject and body content
  • New user created custom pre-chat and post-chat fields
  • Added "Search SMS-" to the "Search main menu in the .NET
Permission Group Functionality
  • "Operator Sessions" view panel
  • "Assign To" and "Assign To Department" drop-down controls
  • "Add Operator" and "Add Department" drop-down controls in the "Discussion" tab area
  • "Operators" panel in the "Dashboard" area
  • "Operator" and "Department" filter lists in the dialogs for generating Reports and Search
Twitter Functionality
  • Clicking a Hashtag will open the search sandbox and create a new search
  • Twitter user avatar, name, and @username references all link to open the user's Twitter profile
  • Tweet timestamps are linked to Tweet permalink (i.e. open status page for the tweet
  • "View in Browser" button icon (within a tweet) changed to display a standard Twitter logo icon
General Functionality
  • Chat Assignment Tracking - Providing a greater level of visibility to chat assignments.
  • Chats - New "Show My Inactive Chats" grid
  • Username - Increased the allowed length for a BoldChat username from 36 characters to 512 characters
  • Added ability for operators to proactively change their password
  • Added "Login Detail" and "Login Summary" reports for Emails, Tickets, SMS and Twitter, as we already had these for Chats and Calls.
  • Added new Salesforce connector tie-in field options to the chat and call tie-in setup - Chat/Call Button (passes the button definition's "Name") - Is Repeat Visitor (passes "yes" or "no" value)
  • Increased the field size of the "Send To This Email Address" field in the "Unavailable Email" setup to 512 characters (previously limited to 50 characters)
  • Added custom field data columns to column chooser. It is no longer required define them manually by field name


Desktop Client

  • Twitter - Added Custom 1 and 2 fields to the Twitter routing rules setup to be consistent with other services - Setup > Rules > Twitter Rules Engine
  • Rescue - Fixed broken link for creating a new Rescue account through the BoldChat > Rescue > Authenticate process
  • Rescue - Added an operator notification that ActiveAssist/Rescue does not work if the visitor is on a Mac OS - operator now gets a notification message when they try to start an AA Desktop Share action
  • Search Canned Messages - Fixed panel to properly give error message if you search with an empty field
  • Search Canned Messages - Fixed panel to be empty when no results are found
  • Setup - Fixed issues with validation of various setup item inputs
  • Setup - Fixed issue related to importing a settings file that could cause the "Assign To Department" button to be enabled when it is not supposed to be
  • Alerts - Fixed issue with system tray icon flashing when supposed to be disabled in a custom alert setup
  • Grid View - Fixed issue with data sorting and paging in the "Show Deleted <xxx>" grid views
  • Salesforce Setup - Fixed issue in connector setup (service tie-in setup) with drop-down boxes not being wide enough to display the list content
  • SMS - Fixed issue with SMS search showing no content (in the "SMS" tab) when a SMS result is selected from the search results list
  • Tickets - Fixed issue where right-click "Assign To" didn't show list of operators
  • Invite Setup - Fixed issue with invitation rules where rules with multiple criteria could not be moved down in the rules list
  • Chat Window - Fixed disconnection issues related to chat message inactivity, seen on iOS and Android mobile platform default browsers
  • Permissions - Fixed issue where default Administrator permission group did not have the Chat action permission for "ActiveAssist - Co-Browse"
  • Permissions - Adding missing "Salesforce" action button permission for the Emails, Calls and SMS services
  • Setup - Fixed issue with displaying the wrong "Time Zone" field value selection after saving in the General Account Settings > Transcript Settings tab
  • Automatic Distribution setup - Fixed incorrect labeling on Tweet distribution limit setting

Web Client

  • If a chat is manually ended by an operator it has been fixed so that "Ended" time is properly set, even if the local client time is "off" from server time
  • Fixed loading / layout issues with Safari browser
  • Fixed issue so that local layout settings are flushed after logging out of the client (prevents incorrectly applying to the next operator login
  • Fixed incorrect error messaging when attempting to create a new operator with a username that already exists
  • Fixed issue layout caused when creating a deep canned message folder structure (i.e. 3-4 levels deep)
  • Fixed issue with saving after session has expired
  • Fixed incorrect error message when trying to save operator setup without a phone number setup (when BoldCall is enabled)

Version 7.20

New Features

  • Twitter management service functionality is now available to BoldChat Enterprise customers.
  • A stand-alone Twitter product solution that has been launched and made operational. This uses the same look, feel, and functionality of the BoldChat client interface.
  • The Web Setup interface has been given an improved look and feel. It's accessible from the Web Client through Setup < Account Setup.
  • New chat report filter option allows for better flexibility to run reports against chat session for "Visitor Messages" and "Operator Messages".
  • The new "Group by" option allows for grouping by chat "Invite", which allows for a break-down of chat data by the invitation that generated the chat.
  • New initial "Administrator" and "Operator" default permission groups. When an account is created, the initial username is now assigned to a default permission group, created on the account. This permission group has the same permissions as the previous "Unlimited" group designation.
  • The ability to drag-and-drop files into an email as an attachment and to attach a screenshot (or any document contained in the Windows clipboard) to an email is now being offered. Select and print multiple emails at once, from within a single email thread.

Changes / Fixes

  • Enhanced reconnection functionality in the rare case that a chat disconnects.

Version 7.15

New Features

  • New Rescue Integration allows for an operator to easily and quickly transition from a chat to a LogMeIn Rescue session.
The new Rescue integration makes understanding a customer's problem easy by adding the capability of Active Assist and allowing for the initiation of Rescue-based remote sessions from within the BoldChat operator's interface.

Version 7.1

New Features

  • If a Lead looked up by email address is "converted", it is no longer associated with an automatically-created SF chat record.
  • Changed Salesforce entry dialog to be non-modal.
  • Added Salesforce option to SMS service.
  • Added a "No Reply" option on the email auto-responder which will allow you to ignore certain messages and not respond.
  • Transfer chat to other departments allows you to transfer a chat to a department and the ACD engine will automatically distribute the chat to the appropriate operator within the assigned department.
  • Transfer Emails to other departments.
  • Transfer SMS to other departments.
  • Transfer Tickets to other departments.
  • New chat canned message permissions can now be setup on the chat window definition under the "Other" tab. This will control the folders and chat messages you will see while manually inserting a canned message on a chat from that particular chat window.
  • New Floating Chat button now available with the use of Visitor Monitoring HTML which allows you to setup a chat button without having to make any complex code changes on your web page. Simple X and Y co-ordinates on the setup will allow you to position the chat button accordingly. Floating chat buttons can also be setup to animate.
  • Several new floating chat buttons to choose from on the floating chat button gallery.
  • Consolidated Chat, Call or Visitor Monitoring HTML allows you to change your Chat window linked to the Chat button without re-implementing the HTML on your web pages.
  • New Chat window layout that's cleaner and more compact.
  • Easy to implement timed invite for Basic users onwards that will send your visitors an invite after a specified time on the general account settings.
  • Basic accounts will now have the option to Join a chat.
  • You can now setup a photo of your operator and a default for the visitor on chat. These photos will now be seen on the chat window history area just besides your text sent.

Changes / Fixes

  • Fixed email print layout to remove HTML tags showing up on the body of the email when the email was sent in plain text from an external client to BoldChat.
  • Fix to dynamically update the deleted items view on the grid or account setup area.

Version 7.0

New Features

  • SMS (SMB and Enterprise editions) - SMS now provides you the ability to support your clients via mobile text messaging. Simply publish the provided gateway phone number and your client can chat with your operator through SMS. Messaging rates apply so check our Web site for more details.
  • JavaScript Invitation type -the new JavaScript Invite type; the JavaScript invite provides ultimate flexibility by allowing you to craft a JavaScript function that will be called when the rule criteria is met and the trigger event is fired. Within your function, you can utilize any animation type or visual presentation you desire; your imagination is the only limitation.
  • Invite enhancement - also included the enhanced capability for customizing Simple Image, Chat Form and Pre-chat Form invites by exposing the underlying html code that defines their visual look and feel.
  • ACD for all service type - BoldChat v7.0 brings new functionality to Enterprise users by providing Automatic Distribution across all Service types. Similar to automatic distribution for chats, we provide the same granularity for configuring Automatic Distribution based on the account, department and operator levels. This will allow you to manage various operators with various skill sets across Chats, Calls, Emails, Tickets and the newly introduced SMS functionality.
  • Workspace interface -Introducing Workspace, a new client interface area within BoldChat v7.0 that brings all of your work items together in one centralized location. This new area will increase an operator's speed and productivity by putting all of the information needed at their disposal.


  • Operator Discussions - new functionality to post discussions directly to an operator with or without an attached service element.
  • Operator Discussions - new functionality to post discussions directly to a department with or without an attached service element.
  • Interface Enhancement - change icon sizes and choose to show or hide their associated labels.

Version 6.65

Security Features

  • Improved Password Strength - minimum requirements ... added password strength evaluator in all locations where a password is set / changed.
    • Cannot set a password that is considered "weak".
    • Minimum 8 characters, at least 1 letter and 1 number.
    • Cannot repeat 3 consecutive characters.
  • New Login Control Settings (Setup > Login Control Settings) These are new, optional settings that are only available to Enterprise customers that allow them to apply stricter security controls on their operators.
  • Force password rotation.
  • Prevent re-use of prior passwords.
  • Block operator after failed login attempts.
  • Disable inactive operators.
  • Remove/delete disabled operators.
  • Disable auto-client login.
  • Prevent frequent password changes.

New Features

  • Deleted Items functionality (Enterprise only). Any deleted data item (e.g. Chats, Email Threads, Reports, Tickets, Contacts), any deleted setup item (e.g. Canned Message, Chat window, Operator, etc.) and any deleted data folder are now viewable and recoverable through various new "Deleted Items" views.
  • Within the grid view drop-downs, there is a new "Show Deleted Items" option to allow viewing deleted items in that data folder ... these items can be viewed and undeleted from here.
  • Within the "Account Setup" dialog, there is a new "Deleted Items" option in the setup item list toolbars that toggles the setup item list display to show deleted setup items ... these items can be viewed and undeleted from here.
  • From the "View" main menu, there is a "Deleted Items" option that opens a new user-interface that displays ALL deleted items ... i.e. the master list of deleted items. From here, items can be viewed and undeleted.
  • Access to this functionality is not enabled by default for any existing customer permission groups (i.e. they'll have to enable it to access it).
  • There is a time limit setting on how long a deleted item will remain viewable and recoverable ... the default is 30 days (after it is deleted). This setting is accessible from the master deleted items list view.
  • Salesforce - added support for Salesforce "sandbox".Chats & Calls - IP Blacklist to prevent chats / calls from particular IP or IP range (Premier & Enterprise only) ... set in "General Account Settings".
  • Chats - Added a new "Last Name" field to Chats which is available for display in the pre-chat form and in the operator UI grid.
  • General - Added English (UK) Dictionary to the spell-check feature. General - Implemented date-based paging of data within display grids, across all services. Previously this paging feature existed in the Chats grid view ... it has now been added to all other services.
  • Permissions - New "Account" permission control settings for access to the "General Account Settings" setup area.

Version 6.6

Changes / Fixes

  • Reports - Email Activity Summary report changes. Added new measurements for emails sent/received and response times.
  • Removed "new email threads by date range" ... which is in the "Email Status Summary" report.
  • Reports - Differentiate between a "timed out" and a "failed" report request.Reports - Improved text associated with scheduled report emails.
  • iPhone client - Fixed issue related to iPhone desktop badge number related to decrementing when chat alert stops.
  • API - Fixed an issue related to how invalid XML characters in customer data are handled by the API.

New Features

  • Salesforce - Enhanced Salesforce Integration Module
  • Reports - Chat Canned Message Summary
  • Reports - Missed Opportunity
  • Reports - Invite Summary
  • Reports - Mobile Basic Summary
  • Reports - Improved Scheduling
  • Reports - Added Grouping "by day of week"
  • Reports - Improved Login Summary
  • Reports - Added new filter to Visit Summary and Invite Summary reports
  • Reports - Added new filter for chat/call summary reports (recovery/auto/manually) for invited type chats.
  • Chat - Optimized Chat, Call, and Visitor monitoring code
  • Chat - Included option to suppress time stamps in Chat transcripts
  • Export - Enhanced filter for chats that have Post-chat details associated with them
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue related to co-browsing in which parameters would not always pass through
  • Fixed an issue where the IN_CHAT status was incorrectly presented
  • Fixed an issue where the log another operator out permission was not fully duplicated between software client and the web client
  • Fixed an issue related to Time zone that was causing Chat transcripts and reports to show the incorrect time
  • Fixed an issue related to audible alerts for chat windows and chat invites where browsers other than IE would prompt for a plug-in installation
  • Fixed an issue related Emails where the "leave message on server" would default to selected