BoldChat Help Center

Routing Incoming Chats

BoldChat gives you a fine level of control over how incoming communications can be directed to specific folders and departments. Routing answers the question "How can I show certain incoming chats to certain operators?"

At the highest level, routing looks like this:

  1. The simplest way to route chats is to associate a Custom Chat Button definition or Chat Window pre-chat form with a Department definition. Incoming chats are routed to operators in an associated department.
  2. If you want all chats to go to a specific chat folder, create folders and set one as the default. All incoming chats will go to the default folder unless Chat Rules are applied.
  3. The entity called Chat Rules gives you added subtlety. You can use Chat Rules to evaluate incoming chats and move them to a folder or assign them attributes such as category or status.
  4. Finally, Premier and Enterprise subscribers can also use Automatic Distribution (ACD) to set up rules that automatically activate chats by placing operators in a chat session without operator interaction. ACD also allows for operator ranking and chat urgency settings. To achieve optimal distribution to appropriate resources, operators can be ranked within a department and departments can be ranked for an operator.